We love good news!

Our team combines the passion for good stories, creative collaboration and innovative solutions.


New ways to a good story & creative content

Constantly new requirements for the production of current news, programs and magazines, as well as the merging of workflows for online, social media, TV and audio are major challenges - and not only from the point of view of potential customers, but also in the cooperation with the manufacturers.

With innovative software for the collaborative creation and planning of stories, posts and traffic news,  tools  for collaborative & creative  work with any kind of Multimedia content, supported by a variety of AI functions and of course also tailor-made solutions, we close the gaps and thus create synergies to optimize the "storytelling" and make it even more effective. From the creation of content to planning and delivery.

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About us

Qbics media

Qbics media GmbH is a young consulting and service company from Munich, which, in partnership with innovative software manufacturers, offers special solutions for customers from the media world in the areas of newsroom, media and production systems, as well as the transition to modern, collaborative offers work.

The company was brought to life by Michael Schüller, who manages and develops the company as managing director. His team of experts combines a passion for media and has many years of experience with the relevant workflows and applications.


Our four pillars


Software solutions

Innovative software products for the production of media & news

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Mjoll - Mimir

Smart media management

Mimir is an easy-to-use tool for journalists and video content creators which automates metadata logging using integrated AI services and at the same time archives your media to the cloud. With Mimir, users can move their media assets to the cloud and at the same time automate many time consuming tasks, such as video and images metadata logging.  


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7Mountains delivers story centric journalist tools to the media industry.

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Mjoll is a software company delivering cloud based production tools.

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XEBRIS Solutions GmbH is an IT company based in Vienna specializing in traffic data management